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Being There for Others

I think when we talk about mental health the topic of a support system is very important. Mental illness can be a tidal wave of emotion, fear, and confusion. Having people there to lean on in times of crisis is a necessity. Like an addict needing support and help so they don't relapse, people with mental disorders need a person who can help them when the world seems like it is caving in.

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or any other mental problem, designate a safe person. This person should be easily and readily available to you, have an understanding of your issues, and be educated in things that help you during a breakdown. It may seem impossible to find such a person, so if you're having trouble, reach out to the many hotlines or free mental health services in your area. Trust me, there will be something somewhere. You just have to look.

On the other side of the spectrum it is equally important to show support to others who are having a difficult time emotionally. When you see someone who is suffering it could mean everything to that person to know someone else is there, someone cares, and someone may feel the same. It is important to remember, this is something I tend to struggle with, that only the individual can change their own behavior. In other words, you can't save someone from their own demons. You can be supportive of people, however, you can't change people.

I love the type of true friendships where you can support the other person when they're down and they can do the same for you. Also, if you're both down about something, at least you are together. In my opinion, this type of symbiotic relationship are what relationships are all about. Nobody can be totally alright all the time. Truly, we need each other. Nobody wants to be alone and we don't have to be. We're social creatures and we need to embrace our faults and failures because literally everyone has them. So find someone who supports who and be the support of someone else. I think everyone's mental health would be better for it.

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