• Carrie

Trying to Deal with Social Anxiety

Today I noticed, more so than usual, how much being around people makes me feel uncomfortable. I have talked about my social anxiety before; basically it used to be crippling. Even though I have learned techniques to deal with my social anxiety, sometimes it is blatantly apparent, to me at least, that I still struggle with it. If you know me personally you may not think I have a problem being around people, but believe me, at times I do.

Whenever I am around people for extended periods of time I feel drained. I am an introvert, and yes, an introvert can be loud and outgoing. Being an introvert means you derive energy from within yourself, not from things outside yourself. When I feel absolutely empty after spending too much time around others, I find a way to isolate myself so I can recharge. Sometimes I pop in my headphones and escape, sometimes I just find an empty room to stand and recollect myself, even for just a moment (at work for instance), sometimes I just try to block people out all together. I find that just simple things like this can make me feel rejuvenated and less anxiety ridden about being around people.

I feel as though I am very empathetic. Basically, I can get caught up in feeling the energy off of people. I know that sounds a little crazy, but it does happen to me, and contributes drastically to my social anxiety. If I'm around a very loud and negative person, I can feel the weight of their energy pull me down. Sometimes, some people simply call it intuition, I feel really scary and bad energies off of people. I typically trust this feeling and stay away from those people. Some people, on the other hand, have very calming auras about them. I am attracted to this energy because my own is so aggressive and robust. Whenever I start to feel all the different emotions and energies around me I almost become dizzy. I start to feel very anxious and overwhelmed. When this happens I take deep breaths and try to bring my thoughts back into my own head.

Sometimes I feel like I would be happy not directly interacting with people. I really wish I could find a job that deals more with animals than humans, I feel like animals are easier and better to be around. My fiance says I am hyper focused and that is why I have issues with social situations; there are just too many things going on when I notice that it can become a tidal wave of paranoia. Luckily, I understand my problem and work on things to make me feel better. I do deep breathing exercises, do grounding exercises to bring my mind back into myself, and sometimes just straight out hide for a minute. If you struggle with social anxiety as well, let me know the things you do to try and cope with it.

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